Fiscal deficit fixing, go faster, stronger

UPSC Practice recommends Fiscal deficit fixing, go faster, stronger. With greater clarity on the evolving global trade scenario, the Centre’s budget-making exercise should be able to focus on increasing tax revenue. Plugging exemptions and an improved tax administration have improved revenue buoyancy. The Centre and states should maintain the momentum. Courtesy: Opinion-Economic Times Learn more

Techie-easy policy for desi bachelors

UPSC Practice recommends Techie-easy policy for desi bachelors. Perhaps this story of rupture of happy nuptials has a silver lining. By returning to the ‘all is forgiven, come back home’ motherland, the out-of-job IT developers can develop a new market for foreign-returned waiting-to-be-hired techies who can wow themselves back by pronouncing ‘rawt’ for route andContinue reading “Techie-easy policy for desi bachelors”